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Cowboy Poet Bj Smith's Up-dated Cowboy Poem

Shrimp Cocktail

I recall it was back in my formative years
When it was still damp behind both my ears
I was sent to the city to close a big deal
And I stopped at this fancy cafe' for a meal

At the door stood a fellow just drippn' with charm
And a tea towel all folded and draped on his arm
He figured, I guess, that my friends were some tardy
'Cause he asked if there was just one in my party

Then showed me a table flanked by two chairs
In the midst of some folks sporting sarcastic stares
I ordered me up a tall glass of Budweizer
And noticed that shrimp was today's appetizer

Now, I know about shrimp, it comes in a can
In tiny pink chunks like it fell through a fan
So I told 'em I'd have me a feedn' of shrimp
Though it cost me six bucks, I weren't gonna scrimp

But when they arrived, well something was wrong
They weren't tiny chunks but ridged and long
Six of these fellers hung on a sauce bowl
And I guessed this must be what they looked like when whole

Well, I tried number one, I dipped 'em in sauce
Eatn' 'em this way I'd not come across
But what happened next was quite unexpected
A mouth full of shell is what I'd selected

Being that I was on a tight budget
I'd ordered these suckers and would not be grudge it
I chewed my way through from the first to the third
And I'm sure that my crunching most everyone heard

Well as I was starting on shrimp number four
That guy with the tea towel that stood by the door
Came walkn' up casual, discretely he said
"Most folks like to peal 'em, the shells they just shed"

Now this was a chance to swallow some pride
And learn from my 'faux pas' that I tried to hide
But instead I kept chew'n and what did I say?
"Don't ya know that us cowboys prefer 'em this way!"

Bj Smith

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