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Cowboy Poet Bj Smith's Up-dated Cowboy Poem

The '51 Ford

She was a thing of beauty that all my friends adored
Born in nineteen fifty one, my hot rod half ton Ford
She'd seen some customizin', her fenders squared a bit
But best of all a Lincoln grill pruned to make it fit

The cab was flanked by chrome twin stacks that tantalized my ear
And I could make those tires sing each time I shifted gear
Now since I'd reached my eighteen year and knew all that I needed
I said so long to my sweet Mom, I s'pose a tad conceited

With a hug she smiled and said "now son you please take care
And just in case you're in a wreck, wear clean underwear"
I loaded in my pickup truck a three drawer dresser chest
That held my worldly effects and then I headed west

The engine purred, the wind rushed past my window that was open
Good things waiting up ahead is all that I was hopen'
Three hours worth of driving on this sunny afternoon
Made it time to find a place to fuel up pretty soon

Shortly came a service station by a little town
I coasted in and parked beside the first pump that I found
While pumping gas some local yokels on a Sunday cruisen'
Circled round my pickup truck for anything amusen'
Now they were out to poke some fun and maybe cause a ruckus
One called out and said my truck was more than likely gutless
Well I could hardly wait my chance to stage for them a show
I hustled in, paid my bill and hoped they wouldn't go

I dropped her down in bottom gear, eased slowly from the station
Checked to see the coast was clear and planned my demonstration
Then set the wheels in motion, those tires howled a song
The fenders filled with rubber smoke, I showed those boys they're wrong

All the way past second gear my truck she did me proud
A definite impression was left upon that crowd
That's when I checked the rear view mirror to see those locals stare
But to my horror what I saw was clouds of underwear

BVD's and Stanfields, privates kept unseen
Were flying almost everywhere from back of my machine
Who would have thought it mattered which way those drawers were facin'
I didn't want to turn around, the crow was awful tastn'

The top drawer of that dresser where all my undies were
Had opened up and emptied resembling a blur
Reluctantly I came back and faced the audience
Started picking underwear, the laughter was intense

But one thing that I learned that day back when I was a 'teen
When you are driven' on the road, keep your undies clean.

Bj Smith/18

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