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Cowboy Poet Bj Smith's Up-dated Cowboy Poem

Eye of the Artist

Ever noticed your horse's ear move as you step for the stirrup to mount
Or admired his confirmation and muscles two plenty to count
Can you vision a horse's foot fall as he breaks from the jog to a lope
Anticipate action exploding as a bronc rider measures his rope

The eye of the artist that captures the essence of nature's plan
Is a gift given from the Creator so mortals like us understand
That mountains and motion and music are magic for artists to note
A song of the west growing silent if we don't get'er down someone wrote

The sculptor, the painter, the poet recording the west in its glory
The balladeer putting to music the makings of a good story
Of cowboys and eight second flurry, the blur of the hooley-ann wrist
When time turned its back on the bison, grazing away in the mist

As we scurry in modern existence with little or no time for pause
To admire the flight of an eagle searching supper in grasp of its claws
Our preoccupation with fortune insuring there's nothing we lack
Needs to include the artist who captures our heritage back

Bj Smith/19

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