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Cowboy Poet Bj Smith's Up-dated Cowboy Poem


Horseback on the mountain trail
That flanks the Brazeau River
Fragrance favors each inhale
And nature does deliver
Meandering in serpentine
Through tall straight growths of lodge pole pine

A forest fire passed this way
A hundred years or more ago
And how it started's hard to say
Perhaps we'll never really know
But like the Phoenix from the ashes
Elk now graze in lush green grasses

When pine trees grow uninterrupted
Tall and straight is how they stand
When life is simple, uncorrupted
They produce to beat the band
And then become our two by fours
That frame our windows and our doors

But trees that deal with nature's strife
And brave the blizzards, nearly die
Who bare the scars of tortured life
But persevere as years go by
Are shinned and crafted true and sure
And then become our furniture

Because the burls and gnarly swirls
Are more than bruises left from storms
And like an oyster making pearls
Beauty comes in many forms
The character displayed in wood
Rewards a life, not always good

So if you've faced adversity
And maybe even felt defeat
But like the gnarled forest tree
You got back up and on your feet
Within you grit will register
The courage in your character

Bj Smith/18

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